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Moataz’s visit

as i went to ghad el moshrek school , there i saw mentally retardet children . i knew that god doest give everything , maybe he took from them the feel that they are like any another children , but at least they can do somethings that i cannot do .

they can do clay , rugs , carpets and bambo . as for me i enjoyed it its a kind of different from our visits . i hope that i can help them in any thing


hend’s visit

today we went to “Al Ghad Al Moshreq”

it was fun and honestly i was very happy, it was a new experience for me… all the class went and my idea for a perfect day is a funday for all of them to come to our school and combine both schools and it will be a blast šŸ™‚

Gina’s Visit

Their atmosphere is lovely and their teachersā€™ train them with motivation and they try hard to make them happy and satisfied. They help the children every day to speak, to move, to walk. I really enjoyed being there with them and I would like to visit them again and spend the whole day with them.

lasheen visit

i didnt go but i heardĀ  that it was niceĀ  and they was funny and smart to and would like to go another time to share a good time with them

yousry visit

fun to stay with them ,they are funny, smartĀ and kind. i did not go but i heard that about them from my freinds

lasheen ideas

lasheen ideas

yousry idea

yousry idea


Baroody’s visit

they were good children , they made good things by their hands , they are good people That God love them

kareem salama’s visit

My visit to Ghad el moshreek it was really nice i really loved them and they areĀ  soo kind and everyone should Thank God for what we have

karem salama ideas

karem salama ideas